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    :oops: :oops:

    Average I hope….


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    i was told by a local top shooter that to be above average you need to have at least 50% of your score as 11’s or x’s and no more than 4 8’s. lately ive been right at that level. i just hope i can keep it up until i get to the ibo worlds in august.
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    I choose average I generally hit what i’m aiming at, but im not one to toot my own horn nor claim to be better then the next guy .
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    I would love to se the consistant 300 60X’s from the three who picked Pro ….And also post Pro Card [=}=]

    I’m the only one who posted “Below Average” considering the Class I shoot in … I might not be the best, but I’m the most Honest. ;)[/quote:1dh6v0f4]

    Well, considering the class I shoot in, I’m at the pro level. I am undefeated in my back yard :D The reigning champ :^O :^O :^O

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    I got a robinhood at 60 yards but most of the time I can’t get a softball sized group at 40 to save my life. :smt69
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    Tough question. ](*,)
    Don’t shoot much with other people.
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    Jeff K in IL

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    Above average, but certainly not as good as I want to be. I also don’t get to put a lot of time into shooting. #-o
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    I would love to se the consistant 300 60X’s from the three who picked Pro ….And also post Pro Card [=}=]

    I’m one of the people that said Pro. We can shoot a few rounds whenever you want to come to my neck of the woods, or if I ever make it back up your way, but I don’t feel I need to prove anything ;)

    Oh, and it doesn’t ask if you ARE a Pro, it asked how do you rate your shooting level….[/quote:211hub1b]

    Well that was kind of what the question is once you get to the Pro level. When I look at the Pro level the questions I ask are (not for you just in general) Can you go to a ASA Pro Am and shoot the Open Pro class and be competitive with the top shooters in the world on a reg basis? If not you aren’t a Pro Level.

    Anyone that can…That’s awesome! :thumbup[/quote:211hub1b]

    I believe I can……[/quote:211hub1b]Beleiving and doing are two different animals :p :p :^O :^O :hugs :hugs :hugs

    I’m Very confident in My Shooting..Practice out to 80 yrds and consistantly kill water balloons at that range, I don’t care about killing paper or foam,Just as long as I can put the sharp in the heart,I’m fine with that….When We do 3D I shoot for Kill shots instead of points,I’m a Hunter,That’ what I practice for… I’m an Average to below Average shot,I simply Believe the more somone practices,The better they get, When We all practice like We do,We’re all ABOUT the same shot..IMHO , That Makes Us Average, Some are better than others some aren’t….( This isn’t directed towards anyone impaticular,Just My Opinion)..
    Pro’s put it in the X just about every time.. If a person can’t do it,that doesn’t put them in Pro ..

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    In my age group (seniors :oops: ) around here I’d be above average…but comparing with all age groups I would have to say average. I suppose if I practiced more I could move up a little ;) :D
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    6X power lens, #2 clarifier, 30 inch stabilzer, carter release, I ought to be better than I am. I just shoot at the house on my own range with the exception of the day I shot with DCH. I wish he could get back on the forum.
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    good enough to put meat in the freezer and horns on the wall :thumbup
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    With the money I have spent purchasing what I feel is the very best equipment available, I should be a pro, but I don’t practice enough outside of hunting season to be considered any better than average. (It shows my age, but it’s kind of like buying Air Jordans and expecting to be a pro basketball player without practicing!) I did kill a 165# bear in Ontario years ago. My buddy claims I had to be a pro to get a heart shot on an animal that had a kill zone the size of a quarter! :oops: I have also killed my share of deer, but so have most other hunters that spend time in the woods… Because of my lack of practice, I have re-rated myself as below average. I am a school teacher, and a NASP instructor. I guess that doesn’t say much for practice what you preach… ](*,)
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    Well after viewing the results. The average is above average. So all of those who put, above average are really average? LOL or something like that!
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    I would love to se the consistant 300 60X’s from the three who picked Pro ….And also post Pro Card [=}=]

    :whistle The difference from the PRO-MO I stated and a PRO…is that the PRO-MO can convince you I can shoot like that without even firing a shot :^O

    :-B there are different variations of PRO..

    There is the PRO you Vision..a professional paper shooter
    There is the PRO-shooter…a promotional shooter
    There is the PRO hunter…that can take every animal they shoot at…have the time, money and resources to take good animals…even if they cant shoot worth peanuts on paper…
    and there is the :airquote: PRO :airquote: … their own minds :p

    who other than the Professional paper shooter has a guideline to state otherwise :whistle

    If you think you are a PRO…hair ta you…confidence is what makes a PRO..



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    I chose average due to the fact that consistently I shoot in the 280-290 range at the local shoots. I have been shooting the HC in the IBO and do pretty well. Last year in the McKean IBO shoot I shot a 408 with 13 X’s. I finished in the top 1/3 of my video archery league. So I feel I am very average and in the middle.
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