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    Im new to this contest, And im trying to create a banner. It seems like no one on my team knows how to make one as well.

    Can someone tell me how to create one?

    Thanks so Much,


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    You might want to post this in the non-archery section. I want to know how to do it also.
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    For a static picture signature try this:

    Create an image for your signature (.jpg files work fine) that is 400 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.  Use whatever image/drawing program you prefer.  Add the image file to a thread using the “Add Media” button above the area where you add a new comment to a thread.  After adding the image click on it – it will come up in a new window.  Copy the address/link for it, go to your “My Account” area and copy the link into your signature box.  Insert [-img] before the link and [-/img] after the link (without the “-”), save the change & it should now insert the signature picture in all your posts.  I needed to put dashes in the instructions to avoid the system thinking that I’d actually added an image there.


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