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    Let'em sling75

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    I’m looking at the 5019 ultra model. Have couple questions about it.

    1. Anyone have this sight do you like it or is it not worth the money? I know it has good reviews.

    2. Is it light or is it kinda bulky?

    3. Anyone have the Lens that you can buy. Like the x2 or x4 lens and how well does it work?

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    I have the HHA Ultra 5519 on my Heli-m and I love it…I’ve had 3 or 4 different HHA sights and they’ve all be great but this one is my favorite.  I would say it is compact….less bulky than the Spot Hogg Tommy…
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    Bow Drawn

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    I have the 5519 optimizer ultra lite and it’s well made. Not anymore bulky than any other sight like it and I have the extension piece on mine. I have not tried the lens since I bow hunt and they are not recommended for hunting.
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    Nova Hunter

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    Just put the 5519 optimizer ultra lite on my mr6 for 3D, love the dial… Solid sight!
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    I have an HHA ol-5519 with a 4x lense I use for indoor spots. Great setup, well made and durable. I wouldn’t say that it is bulky.  I also have an HHA DS-5519 on one of my hunting bows. Again, very durable.

    In my opinion (this is just an opinion, I haven’t tried it), the 4x lense would not work well under hunting conditions. Usually not enough consistent light available to get the good out of the magnification. Probably depend more on the eyes of the individual shooter.

    My favorite hunting sight currently is a Montana Black Gold Ascent in the 3 pin model. With 3 pins, clutter is to a minimum. Lets in alot of light, and is as tough as a well built 360 engine. (lol) With this setup I can shoot out to 40 yds with no movement. Or dial out to 80 yds. for my light weight bow.

    If you experiment, you will find a “Sweet Spot” for your bow when using a single pin. My 42# bow with heavy arrows is sighted in at 23 yds. This base setting will allow me to shoot out to 32 yds. by simpling putting the pin on the top of the deers back. No adjustment needed hence no movement. Then I can dial the yardage after that.

    I have taken both bows into the field at the same time. For whatever reason, the HHA sight will go dark about 10 minutes before the MBG sight. Those MBG boys have figured something out.

    Don’t take me wrong, I’ve been using HHA sights since they started. Quality products and a great company to deal with. I would also say the same about MBG.

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    I have one on my MR6. Sighted in 0-60yds. I always leave the pin on 30yds. If deers 20yd or closer I aim at bottom of heart, if deers 40yds I aim at top of heart. With the fast bow speeds you should have very little up/down movement.
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    I have been using HHA sights for a while now, I have to say I don’t really think much is gained from the wheel over the slider…except some weight.  I think all of their sights are great, but for the money I would stick with the slider versions.  I wondered at first if hunting with a single pin would be difficult.  But I set it up at 30 and if I have time to adjust I do, but if not I just aim high or low depending on yardage.  Todays bows don’t change a hole lot between 20 and 40.  Remember under 5 will most likely be the same as 35 or 40 yards depending on your bow.
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