Here’s old faithful…..

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    Well guys, I just can’t bring myself to buy a newer model Mathews. This is my Z7 Xtreme I’ve had for the past two hunting seasons. It’s just a solid, dependable hunting bow that just plain works. Three shots, three dead deer this past season with it. Thought you might enjoy a pic …..

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    great looking rig. I love my Z7 Mag and sold my Monster 6 so I am getting a creed.
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    Sweet bow! I was going to get one, but the Helim felt better for me. I still love shooting my Reezen 6.5 too and will never get rid of it.
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    stinger slinger

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    I have to agree with you, thats what i’m shooting. Really like that bow.
    I put the focus grip on it and I’m getting the bug to do some more shooting.
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)