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    just wondering, I realized that I call to loudly sometimes….after hearing a real hen at 15 ft.

    What tips or extras have you guys picked up if anything?

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    Live decoys can teach you a TON.

    The cadence of the calls you make,they’re rythym(sp?)…….every hen is different,but they all use the same calls.

    Hearing real purring,putts,yelps,ect is a great way to better your calling.

    It’s really an experience to get into a shouting match with an old boss hen.On a few occasions I’ve managed to actually take the Gobbler only because of pissing off the boss hen and having her bring the Gobbler in as she was coming in to find that loud-mouthed hen that was cutting her off calls so she could kick it’s butt. [=}=]

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    Double Drops

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    A real hen is the best teacher you can ask for.
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    I welcome them for entertainment and teaching :thumbup :thumbup
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    Sometimes making the bossy old hen come in for a fight will bring a nice tom with her
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    a ton!! my second year ever shotgun turkey hunting nothing came in but a bunch of hens, the noises they made kinda shocked me :shock: so the next day i attempted the same sounds and ….BOOM!! :D
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    Amazing how much I have learned from them, almost as much as Steve has taught me. ;)

    Seriously though, one major thing is that ya dont gotta be “perfect” when you call. The hens rarely are. [=}=]

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