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    My extreme just started making a terrible metal on metal clank at the shot. Ive tightened every allen head screw on the bow and etc to make sure its was nothing lose on the bow or any of my accessories.  Ive never heard this kind of noise before. Its loud at the shot and almost scary to shoot. Any opinions could be very helpful?????
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    ive noticed when i take it outside in the really cold weather it quits clanking  with the loud metal on metal sound but after i come back in and the bow gets to room temp it does it again? what could it be?? everything on the bow is tightened down, im worried it cld be idler wheel or came or worse the limb turret…..anyone else experience this before?
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    Could have a bad bearing in the idler wheel or cam. Have to take it to a retailer and have them take a look at it.
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    did you check all 3 screws on the cam module?
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    I had a similar noise (maybe not as loud) with my Z7 Xtreme. After much fussing around with the bow, I suggested to the dealer that the idler wheel bearing was faulty. Sure enough, it was. Once replaced (under warranty of course) it was as quiet as a church mouse (not that I’ve actually ever seen a church mouse, but you get the idea).
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