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    I’m looking into buying a bow.  I like the lightweightness of the helium, and it’s just as fast as the chill, and I like it’s small size, but I’ve been hearing good things about the other bows.

    I know the selling points of them, but what are your experiences with them, and which one is the best.

    I’m mainly going to be using it for archery hunting with a draw weight of 50-60 and a draw length of about 30-30.5″

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    What is best is in the eye of the beholder … all three bows shoot very well. There isn’t much difference in the string angles at full draw, so they all will fit about the same. The IBO rated speeds are all about the same, only a few fps difference.

    It depends somewhat on what type of bowhunting you’ll be doing. If you carry the bow all day, like in spot-n-stalk, the HeliM has the advantage. If you hunt from a ground blind or treestand, all of them are about the same. Many who buy the HeliM for it lightweight end up loading up the bow with accessories which offsets any barebow weight advantage…something to consider if you use a bow quiver, moveable bow sight, heavy stabilizer, etc.

    With your DL, you might consider the Chill-R, which is about 3″ longer ATA, but also about 10 fps faster. Speed could be an important factor in choice of bow if you intend to Elk hunt.

    Since you are young, and may still grow, the Chill or Chill-R draw length can be changed using modules which can be had for about $30. The HeliM and Creed require cam replacement, which can be $100 or more. Also, the Chill and Chill-R can also accept the Chill-X Rock Mods for either a longer valley with less holding weight, or a short valley with a crisp release and a few fps speed increase.

    There is no substitute for going to your dealer and shoot them all.

    … hope this helps.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

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    I,ve only had two Mathews ,One The LX ,And now the Creed ,And another brand name bow .IMO the Creed tops them all ,No vib smooth as any one can get ,Really accurate .All the thing,s i ever wanted i now have {#emotions_dlg.mathews_cool}
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    I like the Helim I have shot all the Mathews models from Z7 on to present line and the Helim just fits me better then any others but they are all great bows go to the dealer and test as many as possible then buy the one that fills right.
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    Yu say your draw length is 30″-30 1/2″ One other thing to keep in mind is all three bows you mentioned only go to 30″. Beyond that you will have to go with the Z9, or Chill X.
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