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    Have any of you experimented with turning the string stop on the Helim upside down (or rotating it 180 degrees)?  The reason I ask is it seems to sit very close to the cam when factory installed.  I was under the impression the noise dampening is more effective if the string stop sits more towards the center of the string.  I might be late to the party on this one as the bow has been out for a while; just thought I would provoke a little thought and see if anyone has tried it.

    Thanks guys!

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    Not sure about the Helim but I raised the one on my z7 extreme and it seems quieter to me? I always question the same thing though, it makes sense but I would think it would be placed in the optimum place by Mathews considering the testing they do?
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    I have a Helim, but I haven’t tried that.  The reason it is lower on the Helim is because they took away the lower string supressor to make the bow lighter.  I wouldn’t be surprised if for that reason it would be louder, but that is a guess.

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    Haven’t played with mine much yet. Just getting back to shooting. I’ve only put a couple of doz arrows through it but it seems very quiet. Could be because I’ve been using a fairly heavy arrow (451 gr and only shooting at 50# right now.)
    Won’t hurt to try moving the stop.
    Right now I don’t see any reason to do it on mine.  Let us know your conclusions.
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    I got ktech string stopper and its above one higher than normal severing is at
    -}}}--------------------> shooting Helim and now switchy is retire hangin on the wall!
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    I have played around with mine in the past, but couldn’t tell any difference. I ended up leaving it at factory location. Plus I like the idea of it making contact with the string where it is served versus bare bow string
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