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    Hey Guys,

    So I am the current owner of a Z7, and its a great bow. However, my dad loves it and he won’t ever go buy a brand new bow so he has been telling me for the past two years he wants mine. So I am in the market for a new Mathews. I haven’t got in to shoot them yet, and yes I know I have to make my decision off my personal opinion, but I’m wondering what you guys have to say.
    I have read some posts about the new Creed being pretty sweet, but I don’t know if I’m sold on the split limbs, the reason I’m still considering last years Helim. In fact, I came to Mathews because I used to be a X-force owner and I never got into the split limbs, but my specific bow had limb problems. The Chill looks pretty sweet, but I guess I’m wondering why bother with a dual cam and lose smooth draw for a bow that’s only 3 fps faster than the Creed. What’s the benefit?
    Anyway, I would appreciate your comparisons, experience, and opinions.

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    You just gotta spend some time with each and decide really.

    The Heli-M is light, and holds really nicely. It has some hand shock in stock form but some goodies from K-Tech will take care of that. My Heli-m loaded is about 4.5 pounds. That’s about what a z7 Xtreme is bare stripped. It is pretty nice. I didn’t think I would like one so much. I was wrong.

    A Creed, You just gotta shoot it. No bow I have shot is smoother and quieter in stock form. Wow. It’s impressive. I wish I hadn’t of shot it on the 5th. I ordered one in Tactical. Never thought a bow was worth 1k. I was wrong again.

    The Chill, It’s the smoothest,lightest, and quietest Monster to date. It’s impressive in it’s own ways. No it’s not much faster than either of the others.

    Go shoot em, The bow will choose you.

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