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    Anyone know where to purchase standard hang on stand replacement cables? I have a few hunters view from wally world that look a lil rough. Also some other misc stands. Thanks
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    Assuming you are talking about aircraft cables??

    When I built a stand (old Screaming Eagle design) I used aircraft cables from the local hardware store and twisted them a lot on the ends. I then used multiple cable clamps to hold the ends. Worked great.

    My local True Value Hardware will custom swage aircraft cables. If I couldn’t get replacements from the manufacture I’d head to the hardware and see what they could do for you.

    They out of business????

    Found this from 2011: I have a hunters view treestand, found out they are out of business, looking for a source for replacement parts, particularly the 2 cables used to hold the stand to the tree.

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    I ordered some from Gorilla this winter.  They we 29.5″ hole to hole (centers).  I think it cost me about $15 shipped.  If that is the length you need, try them.  They may have different lengths for different models.  I would measure the length and hole diameter(s) and start calling stand makers.
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