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    I wasn’t sure if this is the place to post this, but it’s not “archery” per se, nor is it Bowhunting…….so this place it goes……. :-B

    The question I started thinking about is :

    do you gut your animal in the field or drag it out and gut somewhere else?

    I was watching a hunting show and noticed the yahoo struggling to drag the deer out of the woods……..and the first thing that came to mind was “why didn’t that idjit just gut the deer and loose about 1/3 of the weight?”

    So I thought I’d ask the all knowing forum………. ;)

    BTW, I’ve never brought a deer out of the woods with it’s innards intact…….I always leave the gutpile in the woods [=}=]

    Also why would you bring the deer home, guts and all? I can see not wanting to leave the gut pile right under your treestand……….but bringing it home? (yes I’ve seen some pics where they have the deer in their truck and no slice in the animal’s belly)

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    I gut them right where I find them [=}=]
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    I gut them right where I find them [=}=]


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    Jeff K in IL

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    I try to gut them away from my hunting area, but sometimes I just am not dragging the deer, so I will gut them where they lay.. [=}=]
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    We have a gutting/skinning rack behind our ranch house. So we usually bring the animal out of the woods and get to work. Then its off to the locker or quartered in the ice chest. [=}=]
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    Right where it lays, then hunt over it for yotes or bear :D
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    Blood Bath2006

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    Right where they lay. Deer couldn’t care less about a gut pile and it makes it A LOT easier to move :thumbup . I shot a doe two years ago that was sniffing the pile of the doe I killed the night before. :thumbup
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    I’ve been taught to gut immediately, if possible, to reduce spoilage of the meat. That may not apply to colder places but here where it rarely goes below 60, the meat can spoil quickly.

    I don’t like dragging that extra weight either :^O In the case of goats, which we carry out, the head and feet come off too! [=}=]

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    i usually gut them right were they fall unless i dont want the gut pile in that area ill drag it to a different spot but ill still gut them in the woods
    no need to take that mess home
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    usually right where they are………….or pretty close to it.

    doesnt bother the deer any.


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    Sure-Loc Holms

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    I gut them right where I find them [=}=]


    X2 :thumbup

    Somewhere in the deep woods of Wisconsin.
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    Usually take em’ back to camp if it’s not too far, however if it’s a long drag I’ll gut em’ where they fall….. [=}=]
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    Where they drop :thumbup
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    Where they drop :thumbup

    Yep. :smt31

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    drag them to the field edge…unless the drag is uphill ;)
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