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    I found a good deal on an Ameristep Bone Collector blind and decided to buy it. I’m thinking of setting it up near a water hole during antelope season here in Montana. Opening day is only two weeks away! I’ve never used a blind and am a little nervous about shooting mechanicals through the mesh. I am using Rage 100gr chisel tips. Does anyone have some advice? Anything to be careful of? Would you suggest I used fixed blade? I’m just trying to learn as much as I can about hunting out if blinds. Any advice or help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Mechanicals will open through the mesh. You need to use fixed blades or lose the mesh.
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    Agreed, I use mechanicals and I always remove the mesh.  If you don’t open too many windows to where the animal can silhouette you through the blind, you will be fine.  You still have to be careful when they are close, stay tucked as far back in the blind as possible and still be able to draw your bow without hitting your elbow on the back of the blind and you will be fine.
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    Setting up your blind for turkeys you can setup with in 10 yards of your decoys but for deer I’d setup 20 or more yards so you can move enough to draw your bow. If the inside of your blind is camo then dress in camo all over but if it’s black out interior dress in all black covering your hands and face. Movement is what deer will key on and spook. Screened window reduce that movement so no windows then hide your movement in other ways.
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    Don’t use mechanical through mesh. Used a fixed or lose the mesh as others have stated!
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    Set the blind up in your back yard.
    Practice shooting from the blind.
    After you shoot the mesh you will open the mesh. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_embarassed}


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    The idea of shooting any arrow though mesh, with a BH or even FP just scares me. I never tried it.  I always shoot though an open area.
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    I did some extreme testing years ago on just that problem. Three well tuned bow’s, nothing but bullet holes in paper. We used more than 12 or 13 different BH’s. On a well stretched screen we could get most fixed blades to fly straight 60% of the time. One in every 3.5 arrows would be a flyer. even miss the deer completely at only 20 yards, and worse yet hit the target in the guts or some other part.
    mechanical’s were all bad, and 2-blade were not good at all. Even had field points fly off target at times. We went through so much mesh that I was given to use, we used it to wrap around our home made tree stands for years. I may still have some stashed at the cabin.
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