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    I know the wooden grip is the standard on the Cam0 and I believe the Focus grip is the standard on Tactical models. Does anyone know what is standard if you get the all black Creed?  I really like the black riser look and am debating on ordering either the all black or tactical and I want the focus grip too. If I have to pay an extra $50 with the all black I may save a little coin and go Tactical.
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    Tactical will come with the Focus grip standard, all others have the wooden grip. However, you can order one with a Focus grip but at an extra charge.

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    I found the ‘Focus’ gave me the best feel of all the ‘good feels’.
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    There is a up-charge for a focus grip and you can have it installed at the factory on a black bow. You could order the black bow with the wood grip and purchase the focus grip separately from your dealer.  You can install the focus grip and then you will still have the wood grip in case you change your mind or sell the bow.
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    I don’t know your situation, but when spending 700 or more for a new bow i believe 50 dollars is a warranted investment to get exactly what you want. The thing to avoid is is spending that much money on something and a few days later wish you did something else if you know what I mean. I have never second guessed my last bow purchase because I got exactly what I wanted and even though it stung to swipe that card I can happily say  it was a lot of money well spent {#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile}
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