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    I hunt anytime I can be in the woods, but with that being said i prefer to hunt in the evenings cause i feel I’m more alert(not a morning person). however i only seem to harvest deer in the a.m.
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    I prefer to do most of my hunting during the morning, especially in Hawaii. However, when I go to Iowa, we usually hunt about 3 hours in the morning, take a break and then go back for a late afternoon hunt. [=}=]
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    There is nothing better IMO of heading out in the pitch black with full anticipation. The delusions dancing across the fields as my imagination runs wild during the heart of the rut. The call of the first bluejay or a cockadoodle doo !! I Love The Mornings :X Great Poll Nippers [=}=]
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    With limited time to hunt I hunt whenever I can and sit all day when possible. I don’t worry about the moon or fronts, I just go hunt. Most of my deer have been killed in the late afternoon though. [=}=]
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    I take the entire archery season off so I go almost all day everyday, but Ive taken about all my deer from noon to around 5. I like to move during the mid day lull if the rut aint kicked in to the deep woods. Hunting fields doesnt work unless you want to track the next morning around here. [=}=]
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    The Prodigy

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    I like evenings better but if i can hunt in the morning then you know where ill be :thumbup ;)
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    Morning person here, in the morning I feel like the hunt ends when I want it to, in the evening there is that kind of sinking feeling when darkness falls, knowing that the hunt is over( till the next morning) :D
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    I’ll hunt all day long.

    But…early is my favorite

    Falling stars and coyotes.
    The animals you hear rustling and don’t see
    Listening to the woods come alive
    The tending grunt of a buck in rut – the imagination runs wild

    all your senses heightened because
    sight is all but taken away
    Seems I hear more, smell more, almost sense more

    Then when the sun is yawning
    and the morning’s barely dawning grey
    To catch a glimpse of an apex predator on his last
    hunt of the night – the majestic owl

    and always the glimmer of hope, maybe even a dream
    that you catch that nocturnal monarch
    slipping back into his sanctuary for the night

    Yes, the morning. When I close my eyes and dream
    of the hunt, it is the morning.

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    slicked it

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    I have killed more deer in the evening, but I think I like the morning better. Something about being up before sun-up and watching everything wake up. I do have to admit…..following a blood trail in the dark with a mag lite is pretty fun.
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    Big B

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    It doesn’t really matter to me because I’ve had equal luck in both morning and night.
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    It doesn’t really matter to me because I’ve had equal luck in both morning and night.

    same here :D

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