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    Beauty congrats! 8D :thumbup
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    Thanks guys for all your comments! I do believe he will be my best buck to date. Thanks again! :D
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    :thumbup AWESOME buck!!!
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    Great kill. Congrats on a public land buck.
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    Congrats! What is the inside spread of that rack? With today’s photography it’s tough to get an accurate assessment of dimensions.

    And I’d like to know if you got a chance to weigh that beast. What a toad! Looks like he’d go 300lb on the hoof easy! Nice! :thumbup[/quote:3f8hdnlb]

    This guy was right around 230lbs. So, 300 was a ways off yet :) Lets just say if he was any heavier my brother and I would of had to quarter him there in that draw because we were struggling to pull him up that ridge and he was on a deer cart to boot. Things are steep out there, lol!

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    Well, I have been busy these past few weeks with bow hunting trips to Illinois and Iowa and then a gun hunt up north here in Wisconsin with my family members. Illinois produced two kills for me, both does since I did not see a shooter size buck all week. Not sure if blue tongue had anything to do with that or not? Didn’t even get a nice one on the camera at all, which was strange for me since I at least always get that when I go down there. Next it was off to Iowa and I took one doe there right away and then on the fourth day, after other close encounters with shooter bucks, I took this awesome deer at just 8 yards. Shot on public land as well, which makes this even sweeter really. Of the four kills, I also managed to self film three of them perfectly. Including this big guy :) May still get out second season here in Wi for a bow hunt, but I would say I have enough venison for this year. :) [/quote:9r8caddl]

    That’s a great looking buck. Well done! :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

    Can you post the video you took? Would love to see it.

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    That sucker has some mass.
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    That sucker has some mass.

    Yes, he does :) 39″ worth to be exact. My heaviest so far.

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