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    Take them to shoots with you
    Also hunting my twins love it they can’t get enough.
    When they shoot i hang a tennis ball in front of the target and let them try to hit it
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    I say the best way to get youth and beginners into archery is to get them involved. If someone in your bowhunting party wounds a deer and you have to track it down, take them along. If you need to go to a pro archery shop for a repair or for help, take them along. If you’re shooting at an archery range, take them along. Being exposed to it will create interest; my dad didn’t do much as far as getting me involved into archery; he just gave me a bow and said let ‘er have it but he get me involved in the hunting atmosphere. When my parents seperated when I was in high school, I hunted by myself because I was already in love with hunting, I asked countless landowners, got permission to hunt on land, they were far from prime whitetail habitats but I made the best of a good situation. This was how I got so serious about bowhunting, because bowhunting allowed much longer seasons. In my case, my older starting age was an advantage because I was able to learn faster and I could tell the difference between good and bad advice. I would not be the hunter I am today if my dad hadn’t got me involved in hunting. My point is, get your kid away from the video games and take them with you into the woods, if we’re talking about an adult beginner, it’ll be a little more difficult but people start hunting at all ages every year, I love hearing those kind of stories because I like it when try things for themselves versus being brought up in it.
Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)