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    Either are great rounds. Don’t get the 270 just because it’s a good deal. If you went looking for the 308, and you get the 270, you’ll probably just be buying a 308 later anyway. [=}=]
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    Barrett 50 Cal BMG Bolt Action. Perfect size for small game and deer.

    My bad, almost forgot the link:[/quote:1oh3ioy6]
    :thumbup And a 500 S&W for a side arm! :D[/quote:1oh3ioy6]I carry a S&W .460 for a side arm ;)

    Much more velocity than a .500[/quote:1oh3ioy6]
    I have a 500, the bullets on these things are HUGE, no question, it will put down anything you throw at it, the only downside is that it is so big, you can’t hide it anywhere! ](*,)

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    either sounds good – i have a nice .270 – but, I have an even nicer .25-06, so I gotta go with my buddy Lonewolf on that!!
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    I switched from a .270 to a 7mm08 two years ago and have been VERY happy. It is definately a 200 yard or less round but it has no recoil to speak of and deer go no where after the shot. I don’t know what it is but the 270 through the heart would be a 50 yard tracking job but the 130 grain 7mm08 will put them on the ground in their tracks every time.
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    I have a 270 short mag and can usually cover my groups with my thumb. my cousin (who shoots more often than me) had one and could cover 5 shots with a dime at 100 yds. another caliber for you to think about [=}=]
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    Depends on what you plan on hunting. After choosing that, with all the loads available today, I actually doubt that there is going to be a big difference to the animal. I’d get the 270 since I don’t have that one. Both are excellent rounds in my book with a slight edge to the 270.
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    i’m partial to the 270 myself :thumbup
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    I’d go with the 270 bro. :thumbup
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    I’ve owned and killed deer with both
    You can’t go wrong with either one.
    I lean toward the .270 but it really comes
    down to what you think you want the most.
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    If you reload your own the .308 is the only way to go many many more bullet weights to chose from and tons of cheap brass. 7.62X51 Nato as close to 308 win as you can get, if you don’t reload the .270 is a great round, I just like to have more options for bullet weight
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    .308 = more bullets to choose from and more accurate, less effective range but less powder when reloading. That said I still love the .270 just cause of O’Conner. Dont know why, but if your shooting 200-250 Id have to say go .308 [=}=]
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    Just gotta learn to shoot that 7 mag straight and you’ll be OK.
    :p :p :p :p :p :p

    J/K Buddy.
    Get the one that feels right. I was never much one for the .270 [=}=]

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    Ya big dope… go with the .270 I mean it is named after Raul! How can you go wrong with that?

    :p :p :p

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    :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :p
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