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    So one of my friends was off work this past monday for veterans day and decided to take advantage of the great weather coming off the warm front that just moved out from this past weekend. With the rut going pretty good here in southwest ohio, he went and sat a hardwood stand that he had a lot of good pictures from earlier in the season. He said he was sitting and had a lot of good activity but no shooters the whole afternoon. He said around 5pm, this stud that he had on camera came walking down the creek to him to some rattles and grunts. He would not come in any closer than 50 yards and was staying back in the thick honeysuckle looking for the fight. Finally, my friend said the buck started to head away from him back up the hill so in a last ditch effort, he snort-wheezed and made another quick rattle sequence. he said he came in on a string all swelled up ready to fight. he said the buck got to 30 yards and stopped, he was at full draw waiting for him to take one more step into his shot window, well he took that one more step and he sent the arrow right through his heart and lungs. he said he walked up the hill about 20 yards after kicking out, and watched him start to wobble til he fell and rolled back down the hill into the creek. the best part about this is that he has only been hunting for 3 years now and the first year i got him into it, he managed to kill a doe and also killed another doe last year, but no buck either year. so, this is his first buck ever and it is one that most people wait a lifetime for. he does have great discipline on passing on the non shooters and letting them grow up too, because he passed on quite a few nice deer ranging from 110″-140″and it definitely paid off in the end. Congrats to him and I hope to be in the woods with him for many more and maybe film one here for eachother soon, because we are both after the slickheads now. Sorry about the picture quality, cell phone pictures in the dark, but you get the idea. 8D ;) [=}=]
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    Congratulations to your buddy. That is one awesome brute! And his first buck! Wow.
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    Sweet! Congrats to your buddy on a fine buck! And congrats to you for getting him into it! :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” /></div>
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    Tell him congrats! Nice buck!
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    thanks guys, i will tell him for sure. he was on cloud nine when he shot him and is still taking it all in. he shot him with his mathews monster that he just bought this past spring so i will have to introduce him to the forum.
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    Tell him congrats on a GREAT Deer! I dream of killing one even close to that one day! :thumbup
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    great buck, i am a sucker for those wide racks. :thumbup
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    Tell him congrats! Nice buck!
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    :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup Awesome buck tell him congratulations =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src=
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    Congrats to your buddy on a very nice buck and a first one at that. :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <!-- s8D --><img src=
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    Most Excellent! :thumbup
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    Congratulations to your friend awesome buck!
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    Great buck congrats to your buddy :thumbup
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    :thumbup :thumbup
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