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    …Sure it was the tree stand?{#emotions_dlg.mathews_laughing} 

    {#emotions_dlg.mathews_shame_on_you} … making fun of old people is not nice … but the knees aren’t what they use to be, a long time ago they’d bend. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_worried}

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    Great story!!  Congratulations on an awesome bull!!!  I’ve got a buddy at work that’s headed to CO in November to hunt elk.  He’s been hiking several miles each day with a pack on his back, trying to get in shape.  I’m in awe of your mental and physical conditioning, Brian!!!
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    Congratulations Brian! Great looking bull.  I love a big set of antlers, but I am a meat hunter first.  That meat was worth the work it took to get it into the freezer. Thanks for sharing your story. Elk hunting is on my bucket list.
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    great bull…..I will south of you near Chama NM in 6 days looking for a big bull….can’t wait.
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    Age: 72
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    great bull…..I will south of you near Chama NM in 6 days looking for a big bull….can’t wait.

    Good luck … I was on the Archuleta Mesa a couple of years ago, on the trail of a good bull, but got rained out.

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    Great story and pics! Congrats you deserve putting down that freezer trophy and it’s one heck of a freezer trophy. Good luck the rest of the season and God Bless!

    Great Job! {#emotions_dlg.sign_iagree}

    Scott {#emotions_dlg.mathews_nerd}

    That Crazy Old Mormon in Utah! My Bow: Prime Impact 50# @ 29" My Rest: Trophy Ridge "SmackDown" My Sight: Spott Hogg "Hunter"
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    Congrats on a successful hunt and a fine bull!!!  Gotta love when a plan comes together.  Those exodus heads sure do the job.  Way to go Brian.  Thanks for sharing!
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    Another fairly decent Elk on here.
    Colorado? Lots that size running around?
    I hunted a ranch two years ago with average size bulls like this.
    Oprotunity for bigger bulls start up in the hills, high. Or pay the bucks like I did.
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    September 9, 2013 at 7:59 pm #594132 Back to Top REPORT

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    Yes, Colorado … Uncompaghre Plateau, Rubideaux Wilderness, Area 62

    This was likely a 4½ year old. Typically, the bulls on this Public Land are large bodied, but you don’t see many large racks. By actual score this bull was a 6×4 but the G6 on the right side was only 1½” inch long so I don’t count it, the left side never forked so the G4 was 22″ long.  If you are lucky enough to draw Area 61/40 there are some high scoring bulls, 300 ~340. Going up high isn’t necessarily where to find the big bulls, most go down low into inaccessible areas or on Private property and disappear into the PJ and oakbrush for the season.  If you are hunting for a real Trophy, 400-class … CO isn’t the best place to draw a tag. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

    Besides, my wife won’t have the antlers in the house … I’ve got a Cactus/Rock Garden full of them. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_brick_wall}

    I’ve only had one opportunity at a really good bull, 7×6, maybe 320-class, in this area but passed on him because I was too far in and he was way too large for me to pack out. Easy shot under 15 yds, drew then let down. Hunted the next day closer to camp and shot a 650 lb 6×4 that had a Crowned 6 like a European Stag. He was about all I could handle.

    When you hunt alone and have to butcher and pack out everything on your back, you don’t chase the Big Boys … if you do, you are likely to lose the meat to bear and coyote or spoilage, and if you can’t get it all out, subject to Fine and loss of Preference Points.

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    Congrats on a nice bull Brian!
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    Hey.. Congrats Brian. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Very happy for you on your successful hunt Brian!!!



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    Awesome job GJ!
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    bootheel boy

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    I’ve hunted Colorados Uncompaghre Plateau unit 62.  You are right about the big bulls going down in the deepest hollows.  No easy access to any of it.  If you do map out the best way it is always blocked by private ground.  One of the guys I hunt with met a landowner years go and asked about crossing his ground.  The landowner stated” the guides pay me good money to keep guys like you out of there.”.   There is a gentleman who has hunted the unit for 30 plus years and has taken multiple big bulls.  All of his good areas have had atv and jeep access denied which has almost ended his hunting the unit.  As he said even if he killed one there is no way to get it out before it spoils.
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    Congrats!  That’s definitely a tasty addition to the freezer.
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