For those that use OnTarget2 and Magnus Bullheads…

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    Looking for some experienced input.

    I plan on getting some 125 grain Magnus Bullheads for turkey hunting next spring. With my bow specs, Ontarget2 puts a .340 spined arrow (specifically a Goldtip 7595) right in the middle of the green zone for spine, with a 4 feather fletched arrow and cut to 31″.

    However, I know these broadheads are a little different animal. I’m not sure how applicable the Ontarget2 program will be for these.

    Should I try the 7595’s as the program recommends, or just stick with the Victory 300’s that Magnus sells specifically for these arrows.  (By the way, the Victory 300’s show way overspined on Ontarget2 for my setup.)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)