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    just trying to decide on what to put in a couple plots or if plots really help that much. Im thinking of just planting soybeans. with all the hype on chicory, clover and the special mixes i have read the soybeans yield just about as much protien and last all summer and through the snow in the winter.
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    Soybeans are OK. Around here, they are usually “past their prime” when the early archery season opens. They are a good option, but don’t get a lot of traffic when they turn brown. But once the snow starts piling up, soybeans are an outstanding choice.

    We’ve had good luck with clover and rape seed. I’ve been using Buck Forage Oats for two years with great results. The deer don’t hit the BFO real hard until it freezes a couple times.

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    The soybeans are good, but if you don’t plant a very big field, they won’t last very long. I plant a 1 acre plot of them every spring just for the deer, and the deer normally have them wiped out by the end of June or early July. I haven’t tried corn yet, but I imagine a small plot of it would get gone pretty quickly also. I wouldn’t recommend the expensive seed mixes unless you have done a soil test and put the recommended amount of lime an fertilizer out. I wasted a lot of money on clover seed like that one year.
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