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    I hear some on TV saying Bow hunting is a sport. Also from antis calling this sporting hunting.
    NOW, Archery alone is a sport. Bow hunting is not a not golf either. There is a little chess involved. It is a cat & mouse game that has been played for eons.

    Me (MHO)
    The term Sport came from the royal killing fields & their shooting contests & the term “Sporting chance’. Later ‘fair Chase’ came in after the market hunters & the Buffalo & many other species were extinct or on the verge. I guess some of the written & Unwritten rules came out of this.
    I consider bowhunting as a part of the food chain & the cycle of life. Just as is the Coyote, Wolf & Eagle. We know success & defeat. So, many things are against us, a shift in the wind. a 6ths sense. Just to get a shot in range. Even then a string can brush a sleeve, sight/rest knocked off, a deer jumping the string, misjudge yardage. But, we persist. Maybe it is an instinct from our bowhunting ancestor. IT is an ancestral instinct passes on from 25,000+ years if you include the Atlatl. We still play this ‘cat & mouse game even today.

    We are also stewards of the land & woodsmen/women too [[=}=] ]. We know what Pin Oak tree from White Oak from a Hickory & which will fall first.
    As we sit in out stand & blinds we watch the sunrise & see & hear the woods come alive. We sense a connection. that the non-hunter cant. Because, we are an integral part of nature & the balance. We see the sunset, to reflect on the day. (or it just may mean to beat it to the truck!)
    Zen is passive observer to nature. We are active in the balance of the web. So we are on a different level.

    When a prey slowly come into our shooting range, there are multiple decisions. All under extreme stress. Buck or doe, maybe it’s a yote that strolls bye this morning or a pig? Which shall I pick, which life shall I attempt to extinguish. Check for a sot & a good angle with no branches blocking vitals. Draw back if you can(if not too cold for your arms # you shoot.))What is his/her range & & the pin color or spot on the slider tape? Any of the bad thing could happen that were mentioned above as you try to execute a perfect shot. Again, under An Adrenaline rush!
    But, we know there genes have been past onto for generations to come. Be cause as the season closes, they have many less predator to worry about until next fall.
    To me it’s a away & philosophy of life. The life cycle.

    Not to bad for 3am. Time for ZZs

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    Hunting and fishing are not a sport to me, I am not playing nor competing I am getting food that I cannot get otherwise… It is in my nature, and it is what I was brought up to do… To call it a sport is to make light of my upbringing..
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    Sports have rules. Bowhunting has seasons, equipment restrictions (rules).
    Sports have fans / spectators. I have no one watching in the woods, but I have fans at home and spectators when I post pics.
    When someone or a team wins a game they get a trophy. When I “win” in bowhunting, I get a “trophy”.
    Many sports players get big money. I get big steaks.

    The previous was just for my amusement. I rarely watch bowhunting on T.V. and I never watch any other “sport” with the exception of UFC cage fighting or bicycling (there’s two things that go together). If I watched bowhunting on T.V. and they hooped & hollered, edited in talking, reenacted finding the deer (I really hate that), or laid their bow over the wound ect… I wouldn’t like it anyway :-& .

    No, I don’t really consider me sitting alone in the woods a sport. Shooting my bow in the backyard, not a sport. Me out riding my bike isn’t a sport either.

    :-k I’ve got it! Sports involve teams. I’m doing all that stuff alone, can’t be a sport. Even if (when) I eventually take one of my boys, or get to go with my wife again, it will be “family time”. ;)

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    Some things that come to mind………

    Games with balls of various shapes and sizes are considered sport, yet in them there isn’t really much demand for ethics. Killing animals demands ethics. A fumble on the football field may be bad, but a fumble on the shot at an animal can be way worse. With that I think the cerebral aspects in the activity are more demanding, since the ethics thing is always in mind.

    Archery and firearms are in the Olympics.

    IMHO bowhunting is a sport, one where the competitor may not be using the same gear against us, but we’re up against better athletes.

    Maybe the distinction needs to be made, between sports and blood sports.

    Felons can make millions playing for a pro sports team………….but they can’t hunt with a gun.

    Scientific American years ago did a thing about archery/firearms shooting, and they indeed called the activities sport. They may be less dynamic when compared to those sports seen on TV where beer sponsorship is common, but SA called the shooting stuff “sports” and said that they were the more cerebral of sporting activities.

    Screw what the antis supposedly think. They don’t think and I sure as heck won’t give them credit for trying.

    OCD…………… must not be a sport, since it too is an individual activity.

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    tradition/heritage/ a way of life matching wits with the animal
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    Not a sport, I’d be inclined to call hunting a pastime.
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    I would say a way of life/tradition and meat are the main reasons for hunting. My father introduced hunting to me and I hope to pass that on to my kids one day (I need to have them first). I also loving eating that meat that I went out and killed, it is nothing like it. I would be lying though if I said I didn’t want to kill a big buck or tom… :D
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