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    Very good post [=}=]
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    I just loved this thread. I set up my Bitz the same as you, The degree of offset is so important for fletching. The vane just sits better on the shaft.

    I can offer some advice on the little drop of glue at the bottom of your vanes however. I start my glue line on the Blazer a little high up on the vane and then run through the entire length dropping small drops of the Goat Tough. Then I go back and evenly disperse the glue in a swirling motion all over the vane paying careful attention to the ends to not get to much glue run over. It is just gravity that is our main problem. Mine turn out just great even when I switch to using FlexFletch vanes, which are a lot harder to do.

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    Is Acetone safe for Carbon Arrows? I’ve heard not. But it would be nice if you could use it… Some arrows I did the other night.

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    Acetone is fine for carbon arrows. Won’t hurt anything. [=}=]
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    Thanks…That will make things a little easier..
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    Great post…I’m going to print this out and store it in a binder.
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    For all of us “visual learners” thanks. An awesome job explaining in words and pix.
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    excellent info. :thumbup
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    this is by far the best thread about how to fletch with blazers. So many people, including me, have had so many different questions about fletching blazers and so on. Thank you for the sticky. Now all I need is to get my wraps and fletch it up.


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    I used rubbing Alcohol on my fat boys and haven’t had a problem yet
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    :thumbup sticky
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    Gold Tip says absolutely no acetone on their shafts! The acetone will break down the glue in the shaft itself! I use Simple Green cleaner with water and have excellent results.
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    Great info thanks for the tip =D/>” title=”Applause” /></div>

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    these are some great pictures, great topic…. thanks!
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    :thumbup Sticky this one =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src= :agree :agree :agree :agree
    I could of used this when I started fletching. Great job.
    This is worth another dampner for him IMO
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