Fletching Blazer Vanes (w/ pics)

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    It’s been raining for two days straight, so I decided to go ahead and begin to re-fletch me and my dads arrows. I like to get some different color vanes for the 3-D season and local spot shoots that I attend. So, I decided to take some pics of how I re-fletch / fletch my Gold Tip Pro’s and Gold Tip XT’s using 2″ Blazer Vanes and a Bitzenburger right helical clamp.

    I see “Blazer Vane” threads and “Bitzenburger” threads pop up all the time. And each recieve the same answers. I’d like for us to try and keep this thread going, showing all the different types of fletching methods available. Also showing how to fletch different types of vanes other than Blazers. So, If you have any pics of using a different type of jig such as a Jo-Jan or Arizona EZ Fletch, post some pictures! Also if you fletch with a left helical or straight, post some pics of how you set your bitz up.

    I’ve got a few pictures that I snapped over the past few days giving some people that are new to building arrows, or that are interested in beginning how to build their own arrows a little help. Pictures have always helped me just as much, If not more than words. So, here’s a little guide.

    Here’s some basic tools that you are gonna need.

    A fletching jig (right) (in this case; Bitzenburger)
    And a G5 ASD (Arrow Squaring Device) (left) The ASD is really not “needed” but it is a must IMO.

    A clamp for the Bitzenburger. (Straight clamp on the right, Right Helical clamp on the left.)

    Some Goat Tuff glue, Any glue will work, but Goat Tuff dries the quickest and is the best IMO.

    A Zip Strip, or a dull knife, I use both.

    Some sand paper (400+ grit) again, not needed but I like to scuff the end of the shafts a little.

    Some Acetone

    Some vanes (blazers in this case)

    And of course, a few arrows. :D

    First i like to take all the nocks out of my arrows so i don’t accidentally “knick” the end of the nock while using the Zip Strip. Also, it’s not so ruff on your chest when your stripping the vanes off.

    Then, I simply use the Zip Strip and strip all the vanes off of the shaft. Keep the Zip Strip at a low angle in coorelation to the shaft so as not to accidentally dig into the carbon, and damage your arrow. Try and get all the glue off the shaft. If you can’t your gonna have to go back over it with a dull knife.

    Once you get all the vanes stripped off the arrows, go back and take a close look at the shafts and inspect them for leftover glue residue. If you have some, try the zip strip again, and if it won’t get it, go over it with a dull knife.

    Once all the vanes, and leftover glue is removed, i like to take some 400 grit sandpaper (or 440) and scratch about 4″ of the nock end of the arrow. Just lightly scuff it up. Then, while i have the nocks removed, i’ll go ahead and square the nock end of the shaft using the ASD. Then take some Acetone and a clean rag and remove all the excess carbon off the shaft.

    Then your ready to fletch. Your gonna have to play around with your Bitz to get the vane to seat good on the shaft throughout the length of the vane. Most set-ups are gonna be different due to the fact that shaft sizes are different. Here’s how mine is set-up with GT Pro’s.

    I only had this picture turn out, while fletching. When I put too much glues of the vane, as I did, :^O :^O :^O I like to take the corner of a rag, or a Q-Tip and drag it along the base of the vane. It works good and gives it a nice clean finish.

    The finished product.

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    :thumbup Sticky this one =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src=
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    Goot tutorial nice pics i agree on the sticky :thumbup :thumbup
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    That was very helpful, thank you!!! I am going to start doing my own as well in the next month or two.
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    Double Drops

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    Awesome post. Great info. :thumbup
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    Bump — for a sticky!
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    very nice this will help alot of people
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    very educational as i want to start doing this myself. thanks
    March 1, 2007 at 10:52 pm #510227 Back to Top REPORT

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    Looks great. I just wish you would post a picture or two :^O
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    Sticky, Sticky,Sticky,Sticky :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :whistle :whistle :whistle :whistle :whistle :whistle :whistle
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    Great job with the pics and procedure. Just one question, is it March 2nd already in Alabama? It’s only March 1st here in Hawaii :D :whistle :jk

    I thought I lost a day somewhere ;)

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    I’d have liked to had a nice explanation like this when I fletched up my first arrows about 10 years ago…
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    Great Post.

    I also vote to make it a Sticky :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

    How are you living your Dash?
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    PM Shay and ask him to make it a sticky. Do you know how much typing that would save just me?
    Great thread :thumbup


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    excellent zack!!! :thumbup
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