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    I like a 2blade fixed head :thumbup and its worked for centuries ;)
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    Fixed because Mechanicals are illegal in Oregon and……………..even if they were not I can not shoot them with my poundage [-( :oops:
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    Both. [=}=]


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    I am done with mech heads. From here on out it will be fixed heads like the G5 Striker [=}=]
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    Fred Bear Razorheads


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    Fixed all the time..
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    I have always been one of the those “if it ain’t broke don’t mess with it kind of hunters”. I have been alittle scared to test the waters of the mechanical broadheads. But this year may change. Thinking about trying the new rage broadheads.
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    Rocket Steelheads! [=}=]

    Have not had a problem with any of the Rockets since I switched. But the last 11 deer have had a major problem!! :D

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    3 blade Muzzy’s for deer, 2 blade rage for Turkeys :thumbup
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    I usually have both with me, but I am pretty sold on the Grim Reapers :thumbup

    Same here :thumbup

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    Fixed don’t fail and cut the entire time their in the animal on non-pass through shots.
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    fixed or mechanical broaheads? why? yea i know i forgot to put both and specify what we were hunting but just put what you use the most

    I would like to know if you have already made up your mind and are just looking to see what people are using, or are you trying to make a decision with an open mind?

    If it’s the former Rocket mechanicals; especially the Sidewinder or Steelhead.

    If it’s the later I can be more elaborate.[/quote:1ydox5p4]

    More elaborate version:
    I’ve taken 14 deer and 4 turkeys with mechanical heads.

    Gold Tip Gladiator- 2 deer, pass thru shots, neither deer went over 40 yards. This head might require some tuning. Awesome blood trails.

    Mar-Den Mini Max 3 blade- one deer, no pass through. Deer went down in 50 yards; blood trail from the entry hole was impressive, the entry hole was as big as an old silver dollar. Takes too much energy to open and too much cut for my KE.

    Rocket Hammerhead- one deer, no pass thru, hit opposite side shoulder. Blade loss. Deer fell in 50 yards. Too much cut for my KE.

    Rocket Wolverine- 1 deer, spine shot. Head held together without blade loss. I would / will use this again.

    Now for my favorites:

    Rocket Steelhead 125- 3 deer, all pass thru shots. Two deer down in 60 yards or less, one tough deer made it 125 yards. One turkey, down in 40 yards. This head is tough, and flies like a field point. Doesn’t leave as much blood as a larger head, but acceptable. Would / will use again. I will put the Wolverine/ Meteorite (discontinued) in the same category because the blades are the same.

    Rocket Miniblaster- 4 deer, all pass thru shots. This head is a quick killer. Recovery distances of 12, 25, 45, and 60 yards. 1 turkey recovered in 10 yards. The regular version is best used with speeds above 290 f.p.s. for a quick opening; adding the 3L blades with speeds at 280 f.p.s. will produce a good entry wound. The blades may bend or break. I like the head for the excellent blood trails and short recoveries. I would / will use it again.

    Rocket Sidewinder – I believe this head may be the best combination of toughness and cutting diameter. 2 deer, both pass thru shots. Recoveries of 40 and 50 yards; good blood trail. No issues with blade bending or loss. 2 turkeys, one was disemboweled and went only 3 yards.

    I shot 5 deer with fixed heads and all factors equal (pass thru double lung hits) the blood trails were disappointing compared to the mechanical heads.

    I will continue to use the Rocket heads listed under my favorites. I feel they are the best choice in the critical areas of: accuracy / tuning, recovery distance, and blood trails.

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    Both are in my quiver (Montecs & Reapers) :thumbup I would not have a problem using either one. [=}=]
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    More elaborate version:…[/quote:2uc5x1oi]
    One of the better and more comprehensive reviews I have read.
    Thanks :thumbup

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