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    fixed for me. have been shooting muzzy’s since i started bow hunting. i dont have money to try out all the new broadheads, so i stick with what works. :thumbup
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    :agree :agree Been using Muzzy’s since I started and don’t plan on changing any time soon.


    Stone tactical has arrived!
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    Muzzy man here

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    I have to shoot fixed blades. [=}=]
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    Gotta be solidity for me

    Fixed them good


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    Fixed! Keep it simple and sharp! :D
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    Some mechanical heads are well enough designed to be a serious concideration IMHO, but some are not. I’m still a believer in the Trocar-type point for getting through the scapula, which is always a possibility of hitting, even on a good shot because of ‘string jump’… you just can’t predict everything in a hunting situation. Also, blade thickness is a big factor in performance, especially on thick hide animals, or heavy winter coat of hair. The cut-on-contact type heads with a tip blade, unless very thick or very little edge revealed can be bent on entering and deflect the broadhead path. I like blades that are at least .027 thickness SS, and resharpenable (meaning I sharpen everything when it comes out of the box regardless). How the blades deploy is another factor and it seems the rear sliding cam blades have the advantage without loosing a few ft-lbs or KE.

    I have heard some very good testimonials concerning the Snyper and Rage heads.

    However, I’m still a fixed blade guy. Since I can get good flight from Thunderheads and Rocky Mountain Titanium 125 gr. heads, the “flys like a field point” marketing doesn’t have any appeal for me.

    If you want a very good fixed blade broadhead, the Rocky Mountain Titanium 100 is a single piece titanium point and ferrule with sharpenable Trocar cut-on-contact tip, using .030 SS blades. :thumbup

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    Double Drops

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    I love fixed blades for deer. I’ve used Muzzy’s in the past but I’m switching to Slick Tricks this year.
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    Rage! :D
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    i shot reapers for two seasons with 99.9% satisfaction. i’ve only had to replace the blades…all of them…after each deer. but i was always planning on it so its not a concern. perfect flight, awesome penetration, tons of blood. :thumbup
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    I love the Rage expandable……AND will use it on every hunt where they are legal….if I have to use a fixed, it will be the Montec…..Ofcourse these are MY favs but most on the market are great heads and you need to use what YOU think works best for YOUR set-up…if it fails, there is nobody to blame [=}=]
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    I have to shoot fixed blades. [=}=]

    Yea, same here. Unless you’re hunting western gray squirrels, expandables are illegal in Oregon.

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    Fixed blades and my choice would be the Montec G5.
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    Deer G5’s

    Turkeys 1 3/4″ Reapers

    Small Game G5 SGH’s


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    NAP spitfires all the way….too bad they stopped making the 2-blade a few years back
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