First turkey with a bow

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  • April 14, 2013 at 5:35 pm #573987 Back to Top REPORT

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    Got my first turkey with my bow yesterday.  Shooting a Heli-m with Magnus bullheads.  Nice shot at 15 yards.  What a rush, so much more fun than with the shotgun.

    today we have a snow storm and have gotten 15 inches so far today. Calling for 18 to 19!


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    great job done !! congrats {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}    {#emotions_dlg.mathews_applause}   {#emotions_dlg.mathews_applause}
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    Congrats! Nothing like your first bird with a bow!
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    {#emotions_dlg.mathews_applause} Great job!!!
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    That’s GREAT! {#emotions_dlg.misc_bow}

    Go get another after the snow melts a bit. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

    April 15, 2013 at 12:16 pm #574110 Back to Top REPORT

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    Thanks all, would be nice to go get another one but only have 1 tag for a turkey.

    BTW – the snow fall was anywhere from 17.5 to 23.5 inches in one day.  We broke several snowfall records for our area (central ND).  Uffda.  Helped a few people get their cars dug out this morning so we could things cleaned up good.  One of those times when you go “I know there’s a car under there somewhere” and just start digging.

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    Congrats ! After bagging many gobblers with a shotgun, I am trying to get one with a bow. Much harder !!!
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    NICE!  You will probably never hunt them with a gun again! LOL
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    That’s Awesome…Congrats!
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    Very Nice!  Congrats!
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    You’re right about using a bow verses a shot gun — congrats!
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    Good job!
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    Nice! I too recently went on my first Turkey hunt and harvested one. Never have gunned for them, and doubt I ever will.
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