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    If you want it to stand out and pop I’d say go bright with the tangerine/golddust or turquoise/golddust [=}=]
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    how does color choice affect their opinion of your rod building ability?

    It doesn’t, but I am shooting for a unique rod.[/quote]

    Pink…… :whistle

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    I’d go with a Burgundy and gold theme on a charcoal blank… I think the red theme is a good for the appeal and the gold will help set it off. The burgundy is a play off of that that is slightly more subtle but should still be kind of regal. If you are trying to set yourself apart, go for the best hardware you can.
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    I’ve got a ST. Croix with a charcoal color blank and has blue throughout, actually more like aqua!! I think that looks really sharp :thumbup
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    MB 665-1 (IM) fast tip and white if it comes that way (Seems to be a trend on white blanks heck try yellow to be different and use blk wrap an call it the bumble bee that stings fish!!! GET Stung!!! ) Use red/silver/black wrap and med length straight handle on the white!

    For followups on yellow blanks – stinger, wasp, hornet… You get the idea!

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    Neon Yellow/Plum with a 7′ fast action Medium, micro guides, split grip, Fuji composite reel seat, and an purple iridescent wrap from the lure keep down to the butt of the rod.


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    Neon Yellow/Plum with a 7′ fast action Medium, micro guides, split grip, Fuji composite reel seat, and an purple iridescent wrap from the lure keep down to the butt of the rod.


    Those are interesting colors. I kind of like the idea of yellow being involved. There’s several different wraps: Chevron, Diamond, etc. They take an immense amount of time, though, but they do offer that real-custom look. I am not huge on them myself, but I may be able to make an exception. I will say that this rod will have a spiral-wrap; which offers a blend of spinning/casting into a rod. Because the first guide is wrapped at 0 degrees, and the second 90 degrees, and the third at 180 degrees, it eliminates the need for numerous guides, induces less torque on the guides, and makes a lighter tip. I prefer to use micro guides, but I step down to micros, rather than use micros all the way down the blank. That, to me is the most critical thing I see when it comes to factory rods. They just don’t have adequate guides to support the line properly.

    As for short rods: they cast more accurately, but at the same time, a longer rod provides a better hookset, especially at longer distances.

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