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    I like my torqueless :D
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    I tried useing a aftermerket grip, just didn’t like it, my bow didn’t feel right.

    I truely feel if these bows came with torquless grips or tronjo grips,
    people would buy the Mathews grips and replace the stock ones with them.
    Thats JMO, done be mad at me.[/quote:j8w07w84]

    I’ll disagree with you… to a certain extent anyway…

    When I first bought my SB, I saw a lot of people on here that complained about the stock grip and I didn’t really know why they didn’t like it. I just practiced more and more and eventually my groups shrunk. I didn’t realize that I was having to work that much harder to make sure that I was repeating the same grip on my bow everytime. Anyways… I bought an Apex 7 a few months ago, and after shooting with that grip for a while, I just don’t feel comfortable with the SB grip anymore. I want to buy a thinner aftermarket grip so that I can be more comfortable shooting.

    I don’t think that most people would change from a thin grip if that’s what Mathews put on their bows as stock grips. For example: how many people do you see that shoot Hoyt or Bowtech complain about how skinny their grips are? :smt69 [=}=]

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    I’m very happy with my Hydra-Press grip.


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    Blood Bath2006

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    TORQUELESS!! I don’t get tired as quickly, and it shrunk my groups immensely. [=}=]
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    I love the torqueless…haven’t tried any others though I must admit! 8D
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    TorqueLess :thumbup
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    Ive had both the Tronjo and the Torqueless and loved both. Both are much better than the stock grip in my opinion! :thumbup
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    Torqueless for me. In my case, the stock Mathews grip was too “fat” for my smaller hands. That and the fact that Dave has some awesome colors made it a no brainer for me (plus he had a sale going on at the time so I got my grip for $35 :thumbup, I should have ordered more at that price #-o )
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    I like sanding mine down, Im just crafty I guess. :p

    I agree! I prefer sanding down the stock grip and getting a “more personal” feel. It only takes a few hours (with fine tuning) and letting the grip sit over night while the poly. dries!! :thumbup

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    Tommy Chumley

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    Loesch :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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