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    I use one most the time sometimes in early season I like to leave it off when its really warm
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    I have a couple different face masks that I wear. When it’s warm I have a full mesh mask or a half mesh pull up. When it’s cold I have a thin balaclava that is skin tight that I wear. If I am in the blind, I have black balaclava that I wear. Sometimes I don’t bother wearing one if I am in the tree stand, but always wear one when in a blind.
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    I always use one but have been kick’n around the idea of try’n face paint this year.
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    I use a face mask. Lighter one in hotter weather and insulated one in the colder weather. The times without the mask (walking to stand or leaving for the day) I got busted pretty bad. I know, I know, I should wear the FM all the way out….but sometimes I just don’t.

    Face Mask for me.

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    Along with breaking up the shape of the human head my face mask is a bug barrier and sprayed down with scent killer it reduces the scent given off from my breath.
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