EZ7 draw weight?

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    I recently purchased a used EZ7. The bow is in great condition. It has 65# limbs. I took it to my local Mathews dealer, a great guy, I’ve purchased new bows from him in the past.
    I had new Mathews premium string and cables installed a QAD LD rest installed and had it tuned to factory specs, ATA 32″,   7″ brace. I wanted to shoot about 62#. We could only get 60# out of it with the limbs bottomed out. I’ve had other Mathews bows and always been able to get a couple #’s more than max draw weight.
    Any thoughts on why I can’t get 65# out of this bow?? I bought it used so no warrranty. The bow shoots great, the first arrow thru paper at about 8′ was perfect. I put the sights on, moved them to follow my grouping and had it shooting good in about 1/2 hr. but can’t get 65#.

    Thanks for any info.

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    my 60lb z7x wont make 60lbs (nutted at 58) my dealer adjusted the cable and got me to 60lbs … very very minimal addition to my draw length.
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