Eberman Archery for the win!

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    Ladies,  Gentlemen, anyone else(for the politically incorrect idiots),
    Let me take a few minutes and give a BIG shout out to don Eberman, Eberman Archery Bedford Indiana.
    So I bought a used red smoke Prestige last fall, came with down force rest, Duravane string stop, red dampers lower Harmonic stabilizer(heavy) , d loop.
    Well I had bolted my K9-55M on and tried to get some minor stuff figured out, had another shop install a peep, (yeah right wasnt even tied in right), d loop was tied wrong, has some sort of serving bunched up for a nock.
    SO decided its time to get her dialed in,called Don Eberman. He sold me my first Mathews a black limb XT, which I had never sold it.
    So he went to Kentucky for a shoot, but I decided to go ahead and call him to see if rain had cut short his shoot but he had got back earlier.
    So I cut out from work parking lot in Bloomington about 5:30 got there just after 6, after stopping to use restroom and buy soda and pizza at Speedway.
    So out comes the Prestige and we are talking what I gave and he is looking it over, doesnt like cable for the rest the peep isnt tied in safely, said Dloop might have casued me to punch my self in mouth and I had her backed off too far.
    So he proceeds to replace rest cable, figured center shot was hosed, there was no rubber rest to hold arrow while it was down. again the a$$ed up d loop.
    Well he fixes it all , even shoots her though paper, perfect arrow flight close and at 20 yards, with my arrows.
    Heck he even roughed in the sight to with in 1/2″ of the black dot he made on his paper.
    Even reset and tightened up my string stop, which was loose.
    And what did he charge me for all this?

    Guys and gals if you or anyone have a bow and are in the Bedford area and need it RIGHT, Give Eberman Archery a call. Don IS the hands down best here in southern Indiana.
    And his prices on bows cant be beat. He may not stock 50 or 60 bows but he KNOWS Mathews and archery.
    Heck he has me considering a new release a Scott XT .
    As I said Eberman Archery for the win.
    Now for some practice and get my self built up for shooting.

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    Location: Layton, Utah
    It’s really great when you find a great Pro Shop to deal with! I’ve got Wilde Arrow Archery out here in Utah, which all the staff there are real Pro’s and Awesome to work with!

    Scott {#emotions_dlg.mathews_nerd}

    That Crazy Old Mormon in Utah! My Bow: Prime Impact 50# @ 29" My Rest: Trophy Ridge "SmackDown" My Sight: Spott Hogg "Hunter"
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    Glad to read you found a pro tech that’s a real pro tech.
    October 7, 2013 at 3:08 pm #597965 Back to Top REPORT

    PR Outdoors

    Joined: 10/6/2013
    Location: indiana
    Ebberman is a great guy, thats where i get my big problems solved!
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