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    I have shot the Drenalin type cam for some years and find it my favourite. I purchased a DXT for hunting and recently had an opportunity to purchase the long draw. I found the cam a bit short and ordered a cam that was a half inch longer. The Mathews dealer installed the cam.
    I have a problem with the new set up.
    I now have a problem in that the arrow tears a hole about an inch left at 8 feet and 2 inches left at 20 feet.
    I have moved the rest every which way but can’t get it any better. After a frustrating few weeks, I took it to a Mathews dealer (I have dealt there for 25 years) and he spent an hour with me but the tear is still there. He checked for cam lean, timing and he adjusted a lot of aspects of the bows set up (including moving the rest right and left). He says all is fine. The tear is still there.
    In my personal attempts to adjust, I tried an stock wooden grip, a focus grip and a Hicks grip for a Mathews. I tried 3 nock styles. I tried a caliper release and a hook release. I tried a trophy taker rest with a spring (my favourite), a containment rest and bought the newest version of the vapour trail drop away pro. Still there!
    The arrow is just a tiny bit stiff on The Archery Program but dead on in the Pinwheel program.
    I am lost for ideas, Does anyone have any thoughts?
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    Nock pinch? Just a thought but sounds like you’ve tried everything else
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    If you are talking about a Drenalin LD, which I have, the cam lettering or numbers are for the  Drenalin, not the Drenalin LD, you have to get a one inch shorter cam, to get the draw you want on a Dren. LD. Example: I shoot a 28.5 inch draw on my other Mathews bows and had to purchase a 27.5 in. Drenalin cam, which makes it a 28.5 in. draw on the Dren. LD.

    I tried several different rest also and found the drop aways wouldn’t tune like I wanted. I went with the NAP Quick Tune 3000,  with a 3-d style launcher, which I use on my other target and 3-D bows. I set my rest at 13/16 off the riser and the arrow covering or centered in the burger botton hole. I nocked my arrow 1/8 high or above 90 degrees with the string.

    I too had a left tear and  yoked tuned to get it out. With the yoke tuning, you can leave your rest set at 13/16 and still get the left tear out, that is unless you have BAD SHOOTING FORM, HAND TORQUE, ETC., then you will never get it to shoot paper until you fix your form.

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