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    Got a Creed and hate there is NO valley.W ill a smaller draw stop give me some valley or do I just need to sell this thing and continue shooting my Empire?? Anyone swapped the original draw stop on their creed for a smaller one and what did you notice if you did?? I assume the new Creeds come with a regular draw stop and there is a smaller one a Available?  Thanks

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    I don’t know if there is an optional draw stop of different diameter as what came out for the HeliM, but Yes, you can get more valley with a smaller draw stop.

    By just removing the rubber sleeve on the draw stop for starters, you can see how that feels. After that, a trip to your local hardware store should find a nylon sleeve of a diameter that suits you.

    When I demo’d the bow, I shot it with the draw stop removed and it created a huge valley that allowed a lot of creep. While I don’t recommend it, if that’s your style you should get a cam that is 1/2″ shorter than you normally shoot.

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    Yes, there is a smaller one from Mathews.  I got one from my dealer and i like it.
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    My dealer opened up a bag and told me that two sizes were all that Mathews had ever shipped to him.

    Maybe one of the others could verify for the record????

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