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    I am thinking I may have too short of a draw length. I feel as if I can’t pull my left shoulder back far enough. Looking for some other thoughts.
    Thought I would mention I am 6,0′ and the bow is 29”dl.
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    Hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but it looks like the draw length of the bow might be a smidge too long. When viewed directly from the side you want the end of the arrow, not the end of the nock, directly in line below your eyeball or so.
    If you feel your drawlength is right but want your release arm to come back farther so you can find your anchor, you need to lengthen the d-loop some. That way the drawlength of the bow stays the same, but by lengthening your loop, your release hand will come farther back on your face.
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    Here’s what you are looking for with form, hard to tell from the angle but looks like you have both your shoulders rolled up (if you look at the image you posted from your back you can see more what I mean) relax the bow hand fingers, no need to keep them straight like that. Also from that second image it looks like you are leaning back.

    compare this to your pics. before doing that though I’d take a few more pics aiming at a target level to your shoulders so you are shooting level to the ground, makes it easier to compare.

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    Here is a couple more pictures. With these pictures it looks as if I have a couple of flaws to still work out but my draw length may be good.
    In this picture my shoulder is pushed down.

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