Dont know If I’m Spellin This Right….”Saur Brautin”

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  • October 22, 2004 at 5:23 am #494903 Back to Top REPORT

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    An old time Favorite of my Dads Chef from back in the day.

    The most important part of this is soaking the meat in the brine. It will be hard to give exact amounts since I dont know how big the peices of roast everybody is working with.

    Take three 2-3 pound roasts and place in large enough (PLASTIC NOT METAL) bucket that will allow you to cover the meat with liquid.

    Add Appx 2 cups granulated sugar, Cover 2/3 of the way with red wine vinigar, add 6 bay leaves, (dry is fine) 1/4cup salt 1/4 cup pepper, Lg. pieces Celery, Onion, and Carrotts, and 3-4 ginger snaps (optional) cover the rest of the meat with water. Stir lightly, just to mix in veggies

    Let sit for 3 Days, refrigerated of course.

    In roasting pan add: Venison, celery, onion, and Carrotts, place veggies under meat. Cook until desired tempature. Reserve Brine

    When the meat is almost done fill roasting pan about 1/2 way with vinigar brine, and let get hot in oven. Meanwhile, mix 2 cups (appx.) flour with COLD water, whip until no lumps, (whitch will never happen if you use hot, or warm water) Called “whitewash”

    This is the part you will have to feel out a bit, When you add the “whitewash” it will take a little cooking for the flour to reach full bloom, I would say add enough to make the brine look “muddy” let cook about 5 min stir and check for desired thickness of gravy.

    Slice thin and let sit in gravy for a little while, Actually, it would be OK to let the meat cool, so it is easier to slice, then place it into the gravy and re-heat slowly in oven.

    If anybody wants it I will give the old time recipe for Potato pancakes, and sweet and sour cabbage that would go great with the Saur Brautin.

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