dog ruined ???

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    i recently  picked up a dog that has  be abused in the past,  kicked, punched and thrown etc…sickning … about ,  it s a 2 year old american  buldog male, i have had him  for  1 week now and so far so good , every dog i have ever  had i use  hand signals as well as commands, when i use my hand signals he winches or coweres like im gonna hit him … i was redirecting  him a grabbed him by the collar tolead him away he turned at me and growled but never showed  teeth or anything like that….he is extremly affectionate  as well is this dog a ticking time bomb due to the  mistreatment in the past
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    Hard to say. Depends on the dog’s temperament. Might take some time to earn its trust and to find out what actions it now perceives as threatening. You have to expect the dog has developed some quirks after such a bad experience with people.

    I had an American Eskimo (Spitz) that would not tolerate anyone wearing a ballcap. Later I learned the hired handyman that fed the puppies where I bought the dog, would beat them … he wore a ballcap.

    However, the best dog my Uncle Ivan ever had was a little dachshund that had been abused, beaten, had a broken jaw and missing teeth, covered with tumors, mal-nutritioned, and abandoned in the Nevada desert. When he found the dog, it was too weak to stand, dying of thirst, laying on a dirt road to Ruby Valley.

    That dog was the friendliest dog imaginable, the dog and my Uncle were inseparable. It rode the Nevada Fish & Game trucks and became an unofficial mascot. Everyone fell in love with that little dog.

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    good on you!!

    i have a small terrier that my wife insisted we adopt.  he was clearly beaten and abused.  we got him when he was 11 yrs old.  so he is a senior.

    he is very wary of loud noises.  i cannot have a fly swatter in the house.  he freaks out.  i cannot even knock a spoon against a plate loudly.  when we reach out to pet him..he winces.  breaks my heart.

    he is a horrible dog as a pet.  he was peeing in the house (getting better) aggressive (getting better), he once went after me when i bent over to kiss my wife.

    but he is getting so much better!  even his separation anxiety has ceased.  you may need to be more of a “dog manager” than a dog owner in the beginning..but he will come around.  if Harry did, so will your dog.  patience.  my wife has gobs of patience.  me, not so much.

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    Ever watch Ceasar Milan show the Dog Whisper? His way seems to address some sick behavior problems in the owners and help the dog be a dog.
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    Ever watch Ceasar Milan show the Dog Whisper? His way seems to address some sick behavior problems in the owners and help the dog be a dog.

    I have seen his show and have one of his books. I really like his approach to both owning and re-mediating dog behavior.

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    It might take a while to earn his trust but it will be worth it in the end. One of my Grayhounds was not the friendliest thing in the world when we got her and she really didn’t like her personal space invaded. the change in her over time has been amazing and now she likes to be on my lap when my laptop is on my lap. I almost think I liked her better the other way sometimes. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_laughing}
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    My 6 year old boxer was miss used when we got her. Takes a long time to gain complete trust. She used to be afraid of my arrows. Took a long time to get past that. Still have to make sure she knows where my hand is before I pet her. Takes time but is well worth the effort.
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