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    I am not a big fan of 3 arrow quivers but the tech at my shop has a used one for sale “looks new” for $60.00. I am thinking about making myself adjust to a 3 arrow for that price, what do you guys think?
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    I had one on my Dren and loved it. So lite and compact. Looking for a 3 arrow guiver to go on my present bow.
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    I have T5s on my bows, but I have never used more than three arrows in one sit, but you never know! That is a good price on the quiver though. If I did get a three arrow quiver I would be selective of what I shot at…no turkeys, foxes, etc.
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    That’s a GREAT price! I would pick it up if I were you. :thumbup
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    Love it its like shooting without a quiver.
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    That’s all I have ever used. Just bought a T3 black for me Creed.
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    For whitetail hunting around the house and on the farm I went from a 3 arrow to a 5 arrow after running out of arrows in one set 2 years ago. Now I wish I would have went with a 7 or 10 arrow quiver. The main reason for this is just two days ago I went through all 5 arrows in my quiver between 3 deer and 2 fox. Yesterday I went out with 2 arrows and used 1 on a doe and passed on others that came by while I waited because I did not have a follow up arrow in the event I made a bad shot. I do not carry my arrows on my bow either, they are in my pack so the weight is not a major factor for me. Now if I am going to Colorado, NM etc for a pack in hunt I would most likely opt for a 3 arrow quiver since I would only be expecting 1 shot.
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    Ive had both the T5 and T3 quivers on my bows….I shoot/hunt with the quiver off so it don’t really make a difference for me. I dont really see the need to take more than 3 arrows out to my deer stand so Im currently using the T3…for $60…Id snag it up in a heart beat……
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