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    Feathers and fixed blade cut on contact BH’s here. Montec, Snuffer SS, Striker, Stinger, reg Snuffer…………all flew great and made good BT’s.


    198 FPS (recurve) to 272 FPS (Hoyt twin cam).

    All helical fletched with substantial offset (4″ on compounds, 5″ on recurve).

    I like having BH’s that can be used for both types of gear. At today’s prices that might make for a major consideration!

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    Wait, almost 3 years old :^O

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    FWIW the Snuffer SS is like a Montec in having 60 degree blade angles, so if you’re not a fan of that you might want to try the Strikers (what I did).

    Flight was great with all 3, I just think a sharper blade angle to offer better BT’s (no pun intended).

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    i voted mech but i use both. Depends on what i am after for a critter.
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    Well, since this was revived………… and I have changed BHs, here’s the update.

    Use fixed still for big stuff (deer & up), switched from Thunderhead to Grizzly BHs to get COC with single bevel 2-blades and to push FOC over 19%. Can’t complain, as everything I’ve shot with them so far has ended up in the freezer! :thumbup

    Using NAP Gobbler Getters in my turkey setup though. They shoot Great! Still haven’t launched on a tom yet, so verdict is still out for me.


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    mechanical when i switched from aluminum to carbon. with aluminums i use to heat the inserts and rotate the BH to tune
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    Jeff K in IL

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    Wait, almost 3 years old :^O

    Well WTH?! I hate when people dig up threads from page 94 and I respond without reading :^O #-o[/quote:2ij6btos]

    Der da der… :^O

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    fixed, if i have a state record walk out in front of me, i dont wanna have to worry about blades opening
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    I use Mechanical as I find they fly true to the same as my practice tips. I have taken a half dozen deer with them and in every case the arrow cut ribs and came out the other side. Unless I go after Elk, Moose or other bigger game, I will stick to the Mechanical. Go with what you have proven is what I say.
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    NAP Spitfires. Used many others and always come back to these. 1.5″ with the best edge made. I here lots of issues where guys say they have had issues with mec and believe it is due to them adj or messing with them. I am not a fan of replacement blades either as I feel the factory tension on them is best and never had a failure.
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    wasp jackhammers they do awesome damage :^O :^O
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    Fixed blade because Washington state does not allow mechanical for any big game animal. We don’t get an option. Mike
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    I tried Montec, but wasn’t impressed with the 60 degree angle and resulting lack of sharpness, although they flew great. I tried Tekans, and had perfect flight, but they wouldn’t always open on my foam targets. So now I shoot Grizzly single bevel, and they fly like field points, penetrate well, are extremely durable and kill quickly. I also enjoy the sharpening process. The blade angle I go with is 25 degrees (quite a bit less than 60), which is wicked sharp. They are scary to handle when they are honed and stropped.
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    mechanicle for turkey but fixed for big game. Our state mechs are only legal for turkey :thumbup
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    Big Daddy

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    Have used Rocket Sidewinders and steelheads for the last 5 or 6 years with good results, but just picked up a pack of Rage 2 blades and going to give them a try because i have heard so many good things. Of course the mechanicals fly better. less horsing around with alignment of blades and fletchings etc. [=}=] [=}=]
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