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    i use mechanicals ive never had a deer go more than 75 yards and that was down hill. :thumbup
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    Big B

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    fixed because you know they wont fail. :thumbup
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    Its the only way to fly
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    I use fixed blades. Washington does’nt allow mechanical heads. (4blade muzzy 100gr.)
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    Blood Bath2006

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    Steelheads all the way!!!! They outperform any of the fixed blades I’ve ever used, and I’ve been doing this since I was 7. With that said any broadhead you put in the kill zone will kill the animal period. JMO [=}=] :D
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    I picked fixed but I do use both.. Muzzys on deer and hypershocks on turkeys. They fly the same as my field points. Tuning is the name of the game, a well tuned bow will shoot what ever you decide to shoot.
    I hunt because I can.
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    I have used both over the years but have had a couple bad experiences with expandables. I dont believe that I would ever take a chance again. G5, Muzzy, or Magnus. Just my oppinion! [=}=]
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    I have no problem tuning fixed blade broadheads to fly accurately. I can shoot the same group size with the broadheads as with field points, although I can never get them to shoot the same impact point (long story, long arguments, too tired to take it up any more). [-(

    I will admit that building arrows with fixed blades takes much more attention to detail, a willingness to obtain exacting tolerances, and hours of adjustment and tuning, both the bow and the arrows. However, I feel this is as much a part of the hunt as bring home the meat. There is no feeling like knowing you made your own arrow, your own bowstring and cables, tuned your own bow, and at that moment of Truth, the arrow flies straight as an extention of your will…I think they call it Zen…whatever it is, there is nothing to equal the feeling, except maybe knowing you caught your trout on a rod you built using a fly you tied from the hair of the deer/elk you shot, from the arrow you made, using the bowsting you made…… [=}=]

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    had trouble at hi speeds with fixed,switched to open on impact. got blade deflection and poor penatration on shots other than lung shots. went to quick spins and 100 thunderheads,that settup works fine for me, but try what wiil work best for you.
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    Fred Bear Razor Heads

    with the shaving sharp, razor inserts


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    too many horror stories about lost deer or points not deploying completely I use muzzy 4 blade 90 gr and most of my deer have fallen withen sight.It is A durable head and flies just like my field points.Keep It Simple S@#$%& good luck hope this helps.

    How are your blood trails and penetration with the Muzzy’s? Do you still shoot them?

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    You woke the Dead :shock:
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    Double Drops

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    You woke the Dead :shock:

    :^O :^O :^O :^O

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    Mechanical the past two years, Rocky Mountain Gators. I have only shot two deer with the Gators and the performance was awesome. Prior to that, 3 blade Muzzy’s.
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    :D Fixed..over the years with guiding I have seen just about every Mechanical fail….
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