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    Quite a bit,especially with all the flying I do.Probably a book or 2 a week when I’m on the road. [=}=]
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    yup….a huge fan of WWII books [=}=]

    You ever read any of W.E.B. Griffen’s books; if not you should have a go at reading “The Corps” series. He’s got a few series that deal with WWII, and they’re all worth the read; aside from being entertaining you can get a real history lesson as he researches all the little details and includes them.

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    I second the Vince Flynn. His books are usually an all nighter to read, they are a lot like Clancy but without the 800 pages of build up to the action. I also like Brad Thor.
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    I read mostly in the bathroom…. :^O :^O

    Seriously… I usually like to read books in a series… Harry Potter, Left Behind but I also enjoy legal thrillers like John Grisham and spy books like Patterson

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    slicked it

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    My reading comes and goes in spurts. There are times when I can’t put a book down and then there are times when I’d rather take a beating than to pick a book up.

    I have tried to dedicate time to the bible but it is pretty intimidating. For some reason, I find it hard to pick it up and start reading from beginning to end like a normal book or story.

    I enjoy coaches’ books. I would highly recommend QUIET STRENGTH by Tony Dungy. It was great. I also enjoyed Lou Holtz’s book, WINS LOSSES AND LESSONS.

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    I read all the time! This includes Mathews forums, AT, 3d Sh**tS, and Hunt books. :D :whistle
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    Rather B. Hunting

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    Love the shoot ‘em up westerns by Johnstone and L’Amour, historical novels, and of course the grandaddy of them all, Lonesome Dove. All of McMurtry’s old stuff is tremendous, I think.

    I have to admit the Obama book is in our house, although I’m not reading it.

    And I really liked The Road.

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