Do I need a smaller cam?

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    I am shooting a 28″ cam right now. Looks like its too long to me but I want to make sure the location of peep looks ok. Help is greatly appreciated.
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    DL looks to long to me. Remember you can move the peep to fit you best.
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    I cant tell for sure but it looks like you are bending your front (bow) arm. There is a common mistake where people think the bow are should be slightly bent. If your draw is long and you are also bending your bow arm then straitening it should help with your draw length. A strait bow are puts your skeletal system into proper alignment so instead of the weight being held by your muscles it is being supported by a chain of solid bones which run from your wrist (in your bow arm) all the way to you rear elbow.
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    Thanks for replies. I am trying to get a 27″ cam to swap in
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    to me,i think you just need some tweaking with form. you need to staighten bow arm,point elbow out instead of down. flatten out release hand/arm/wrist to form a straight line making a “t” with torso and arms. (left shoulder is lower than right). your loop looks a bit long which might need to be shortened for better anchor pt. hope these items help you out.
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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)