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    Blood Bath2006

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    Lots of deer on the camera, but because of my limited ability to make it out I saw WAY fewer deer this year…. Kind of sucked, but it was still a good year :thumbup
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    Saw less deer here in ny.i think the deer were there but warmer than usual conditions.,put the deer in a nocturnal mode for most of the season.i hunted almost everyday,from the start of archery thru muzzleloader(oct 1 – dec. 18).i took one doe early on,so it wasnt a total bowl of tag soup.a very different year indeed.
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    Probably about the same as last year, but what I have seen in the last 10 years is a downward trend. Everyone likes to see deer, but, in my opinion 10 years ago the deer population was WAY too high for my area. As the trend on deer sightings have went down, the buck quality has went up tremendously. That I like! :thumbup
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    Didn’t see any deer in ’11 because I was in Afghanistan. Had all kinds of pics throughout ’12, but once season rolled around things turned into a ghost town. I still had deer on cam, but at really odd times compared to 2010 which I think is because of the serious coyote problem I have… In ’10 I saw deer on almost every sit so……….
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    I saw more deer than usual this year, which is not what I had expected at the beginning of the season. I didn’t find or hear of any dead ones found around my spots this summer, which was a relief from all of the EHD reports this year.

    I didn’t see quite as many young bucks as I did last year, I still saw a lot of them but not quite as many as last year. Unfortunately two of the younger bucks that I did see and pass were killed by the neighbors, who knows how many more were shot that I didn’t hear about.

    I saw a lot more does than usual this year, but there weren’t as many fawns as usual. I’ll usually see about a 1.5/1 fawn/doe ratio but this year was closer to a 1/1 ratio. I heard a ton of coyotes this year, more than usual, and I think that’s to blame for the low fawn numbers. I’ll be breaking out the coyote hunting gear very soon, I killed one with my bow this year and would like to drop 5-10 more with the rifle this winter.

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    I actually spent more time in the woods than last year, but didn’t see nearly as many deer. There was a few more does and fawns this year, but only a few bucks. Rifle season(9 days) produced 2 sightings of single fawns each. Between myself and the 3 neighbors, one buck was killed and 6 does on approximately 420 acres. Easy winter so far, maybe next year will be good. [-o| :D
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    Saw more total deer this year, less bucks in MB.

    And no deer in SK ;)

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    Boy Wonder

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    Saw more deer this year than last maybe because I hunted bow season season started a month earlier than gun (Sept 8th) unfortunately most were just out of range, but I still managed to knock down 6 during Long Bow Season (Gun Season) and fill my tags for the season. Next year will be my second year bow hunting and I feel it will be more productive.
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    :D Up here we saw way less..due to a stupid cull..then Mother nature doing her management with a big winter kill in 2010…we got another hard year with lots of snow so its only going to get worse… #-o


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