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    It would not surprise me if you could not have seen it on your phone. The contrast is so poor for the sticky note that it is difficult to see, even on my desktop at home. 

    What the developers of the new forum do not understand is that the contrast goes a long way in making this site easy to navigate, to read, and to enjoy. The old site had none of this problem. While the developers may be seeing everything, if someone has lost just a slight amount of vision it will be much more straining to read, and if this site is perceived correctly as being low contrast, they are unlikely to come back. I haven’t seen anyone point this out in a few months, but I’ll do it again on the outside chance that someone is listening.

    Not everyone has 20/20 vision. I do, and I have trouble with the contrast. So if someone comes to the forum with less than perfect eyesight, which is likely, or doesn’t have their spectacles, or the lighting isn’t right, they are seeing something entirely different than what a website guy sees in front of a nice big screen.

    Listen up. I haven’t heard anyone complain that the site was too high contrast. On the other hand, virtually everyone has complained that things are hard to see. That should tell somebody the true story.

    Make the print a little darker in all colors. Try it and see what the reaction is.


    Amen…  When I type here, it’s easier to read.  But the regular posts are hard on the eyes especially when you mix it with the bright background.  But then again, there’s not much new to read here so it only takes a brief minute…

    The end is near....
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    Let'em sling75

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    I agree, I have pretty good eye sight. Reading the black font on the white background is ok  for me, but even I get tired of seeing the brightness.
Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)