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    I’d pass… The photo you posted does not represent the scenario you laid out…

    The photo shot I would take if he were about 20″ larger… :D

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    Going by the picture you posted theres plenty of vital open even though hes quartering slightly.
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    he’s dead! cake shot. mmm back strap
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    He’d be dead so quick the guide would be happy about not having to drag him out in the dark :^O :^O :^O :^O :^O
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    The picture isn’t indicative of the shot you described (though I appreciate what you were trying to do). A 35-yard shot at a deer quartering towards you is not a good bet. Hunting by ambush is a game of patience. Better to wait. He’s not likely to spend another 1/2 hour on a single scrape.

    Now if you were on the ground and not in a tent-blind, you could test your skills by moving to a more advantagous position without being detected. If your brief stalk were successful and your arrow flew true, you’d have something. :thumbup

    Forgot to tell you, I said NO

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    As soon as I draw my tag I have a hunt waiting for me in Iowa and if that situation presents itself… I pass. Not because of the shot angle or anything else, simply because I have deer like that here in PA and he’s not what I am going to Iowa for. Even if it was the last day of the hunt I put down a nice chunk of change on I pass…… gives me a reason to go back, or at the very least, I still had one heck of an experience hunting in another state [=}=]
Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)