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    Recently bought my daughter a new mission craze. I have to say im very impressed with the bow and how well shes shooting. My question is i want to get her ready for hunting next season and want to know what poundage is needed. Shes currently at #30. Im thinking around the #45 mark?
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    You probably know that VA’s minimum is the requirement that a hunting bow be able to shoot a broadhead tipped arrows 125 yards. I have always wondered why it is that way. Do they expect the game warden to ask you to shoot your bow and then step it off to see if you meet the minimum?

    Here in NC it is a 35# minimum pull, regardless of draw length.

    Best I can tell you make sure she can pull back as much as possible. Craze is a good bow with 80% letoff and an easy cycle; a COC head will help penetration, and take as much off of the string as you dare.

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    I did wonder the same about the 125 yards. Guess im thinking more along the lines of the minimum KE to be effective on a whitetail. My goal is to get her into the 40# area. Thanks for the info.
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    :D If a person took a 30Lb Craze and shoot it straight up..the earths rotation would take it that 125 yards :p

    well not quite but close…IMHO as much poundage as she will be comfortable with 40 lb being the target weight to start :D

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    The owner of my old archery shop shot a 35lb Bowtech at 26″ and killed everything from elk to whitetail. Shot placement and broadhead design are just as important as draw weight.

    The first deer I ever killed with a bow was with a 35lb recurve bow and a field point. She made it all of 40 yards. The vanes left a perfect 3 point slice through her lungs. I had no idea I wasn’t supposed to use a field point, and I certainly don’t recommend it, but I guarantee you that with the right head that Craze at 30-35lbs will kill any deer it is pointed at…..

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    Thanks for the info. Have her up to 36#. Getting her into the 40’s before next season should not be a problem. At 36# the arrow seems to be penetrating the glendel pretty good. I just dont want to put her in position to kill a deer and not get it because dad actually never gave her a fair chance.
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    She will be good to go with the 40lb mark for sure…… a well placed arrow is the key :thumbup

    FWIW…. the minimum poundage here in Ontario is 39# for deer.

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    Here in Ohio draw wieght has to be atleast 40lbs so you get her there she’ll be good to go :thumbup
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    In WI the minimum draw is 30#, and if you use a cut on contact head, it will do the job! My wife shoots 38#, and has had great success and gotten many nice deer. It all comes back to shot placement!
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