Daughter wins state title and sets new personal record

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    My 11 yr old daughter shot in the State 4-H Indoor shoot this past weekend and won her division out of 180 archers.  2 nights prior to the event she jammed one of her fingers bad and I was afraid she would be able to shoot.  She informed me otherwise and said she was going no matter what.  She was allowed 2 ends of practice and shot 6 9’s in these two ends.  1st end for score she also shot 3 9’s.  2nd end she shot a 11, 9, 9.  I informed her she had shot her 1st 11 and she said I know, I was tired of shooting 9’s!!  Through the next few ends I assure her she was shooting good and I will be proud of her no matter what she scores.  The 7th end arrives and I tell her to just have fun and try her best and she tells me she wants the title and she is going for it.  I’m all smiles at this point!!  Ends 7 through 10 she shoots a 11/10/10,  11/10/10,  10/10/9,  &  a 10/10/10.  Her new personal record score of 296 out of 330.  Walking back to my wife and I she asked how she did, my wife said you shot a 296!  She dropped her release, hands started shaking, and tears came out!  Even dad teared up!  She ended up winning her division with a 296, 2nd was a 287.  Her score last year in he same event was 220 and finished 75th out of 150.  She has worked her butt off shooting 3 times a week since October for this event, and she sees it all paid off.  I always stress winning is not everything, but this was truly amazing for her and I’m glad I was able to give her the support and help she needed.  Thanks for looking at my story! taylor_target_
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    That is AWESOME! Congrats to her for the good shooting and also to you and your wife for obviously being great parents! Nice story:)

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    How cool is that!!  big congrats to daughter and dad.
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    Awesome congratulations as that is big accomplishment!
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    Wow, how awesome is that!  Congrats to her and your family.  You have much to be thankful for and proud of.
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    Well, that’s something you can  all be proud of.  Congrats to her!
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    slab…you and your wife have a right to be a little misty eyed knowing how hard your daughter worked, put in the time and effort to improve, then backed it up by shooting a personal best to win the competition.

    I want to say congratulations to your daughter and the proud parents.

    BTW, is she shooting a Prestige?

    Enjoying The Great Outdoors!
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    Thanks everyone.  Yeah she is shooting a 2013 Prestige.
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    That is awesome! Congratulations to your daughter!
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    Way cool!

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