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    I have a Z7 that I bought in 2010. I’m wondering if there is enough difference between the Z7 and the Creed to get a new bow. I know, it’s always nice to get a new bow. I have shot the Creed and I really like it. The speeds are about the same. Those of you that have owned both or shot both what are the differences, if any? My Z7 is all black and I could always use a camo bow. :D
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    If I owned a 2010 Z7 I would just keep shooting that.

    But the Creed is a great bow. You could always get the Creed and keep the Z7 as a backup bow.

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    That’s the theory.
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    No way hold on to that Z7 I wish I did. IMHO the Z7 is the best of the best :thumbup
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    I have both. The Z7 is a great bow but it pales in comparison to the Creed. If you want to purchase a new bow then great, but it’s not like anything made is rendering the Z7 obsolete.
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    I have not ruled out a new creed, but I will never part with my Z7!!
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    I was in the same boat that you are in. I also own a 2010 Z7. I passed the Z7extreme(ZXT) and the Helium because I felt I was staying on par or downgrading from the Z7 and lets face facts, both the Z7extreme(ZXT) and the Helium were built off a Z7 platform.

    I ordered the new Creed because this was the first time in 3 years that Mathews built a new bow. Everything about the Creed is new. The main things that stuck out for me were 1. Ease of draw 2. Dead in hand/no vibration 3. no noise.

    It all boils down to personal preference. Go shoot them and decide for yourself.

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    I have both and love my creed have been shooting it great and is more forgiving than the z7 . Besides everyone needs more than one bow
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    tradtodd, so very true. I’m debating with myself about pulling the trigger on the Creed. I’m at an impass. I figure with bow, sight, rest, stabilizer, string stop (ktech), case ect. I will push $1,500.
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    The biggest difference to me, is the fact that the Creed has a draw stop. Everything else is subjective, but the Creed has a solid back wall. Some people like it, others don’t.


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    If you like your Z7 and still want a new bow there’s always the ZXT!
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    Well I am in a similar quandary but I don’t own a Z7. I am replacing a much older Mathews. There are still some Z7 Extremes out there and I’m debating whether to get the Creed or the Z7Extreme. The price difference is negligible. I have shot the Creed and like it but have not shot the Z7X (they are hard to find). But some of you have both. What is the recommendation? I have shot the ZXT but like the Creed draw cycle better.


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    If I had a new Creed Id swap you for your Z7. The Z7 is one of the few that Mathews has made that I regret NOT buying. [=}=]
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    i bought my first mathews 3 weeks ago, a brand new 2010-2011 z7 extreme, from a mathews dealer in LA and i can’t stop shooting it. i couldn’t imagine it as a “backup” but time will tell.
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    Hey me too! I was deciding on wether to buy a Creed;  but I did! i owned a Z7 an loved it and killed a lot of deer with it and alot of coons too! The only thing i did not like about my Z7 was the cam was a little jumpy; while at full draw. But the creed solved that issue……i have not killed anything yet but i have shot a lot a target 3ds and cant believe i am that good! LOL….nice relaxed back wall!
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