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    turkey foot

    Joined: 10/5/2012
    I got a creed in February hated the valley. In may got the smaller draw stop it helped but still not what I want. Some guys say to try shorter draw length. I have a switch back xt with 28 draw no issues. I went with 27.5 on the creed because I felt the draw was to long on the switch back. I have lots of issues with the creed. I am sure I do not need to go to 27 draw. any suggestions. How the valley on the chill.
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    When I demo’d the Creed, I commented on the valley … or lack of, which many requested in the 2013 bows. I also commented on shooting the creed without the rubber sleeve on the draw stop, and shooting the Creed with no draw stop. All of this affects the DL, and to some degree the let-off. Whether you prefer the mushy back wall and 80+% let-off of no draw stop (5/8″ longer DL than marked on cam), or a draw stop with no sleeve, about 1/2″ longer with a long valley and solid wall, or  with a smaller sleeve for about a 1/4″ longer DL but  decent valley and solid wall, or the OEM sleeve with a very short valley and hard wall would be up to the individual shooter to decide. But, the Creed is almost infinitely tunable to your preferences, although you might have to make several trips to the local hardware store to find the right sleeve.

    Frankly, I preferred a nylon sleeve of slightly smaller diameter than the OEM rubber sleeve.

    I can’t imagine that with a little effort, you couldn’t find a combination to suit your personal shooting style.

    As far as the Chill … if you can’t ‘tune’ a draw stop to your personal preference, chances are you’ll have much more difficulty with a two-cam slaved AVS system. JMHO  {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}

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    Vincent Martin

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    The Creed simply doesn’t have as generous a valley as the Switchback XT. The different generations of archery equipment. That being said, the XT doesn’t have the performance, efficiency and quietness of the Creed. It’s all a matter of preference.
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    A good idea for 2014 would be a movable draw stop or variable size draw stops that can be swapped out straight from the company.
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