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    99FATBOY.. I called the Bownazi at  10.30 am that i’ll be up to shot both bows when he opens at noon. My wife and i have been going to Dave Andrews for over ten years. He had both bows set up for me the way i like them.
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    One word. Chill!
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    Dave Watson

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    Easy choice for me. BOTH are the best you’ll ever shoot but you have to have really good form for the CHILL. My form is excellent at targets but when I shoot from my knees around a pine tree at an elk, my form goes out the window. I need the forgiveness of the CREED. Best bow I have ever shot. 5 arrows since I got it, 5 filled tags.

    However, if you’re one of those guys with really good form, the CHILL is a smoker!!


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    I’m brand new to bow shooting. Bought the chill and I have a nice 2” group dead center at 50 yards. My buddy works at a dealer and we made a bet that if he could tune the bow right, I shoot well, then I’ll buy it and bow hunt with him. He was that confident on the chill. I couldn’t be happier to loose that bet. :D

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    You chose speed over smooth, and nobody can fault you for choosing what was important to you.


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